Frisky Goat Ranch

Our Farm

Welcome to our family ranch, a labor of love that began in 2012 with raising Nigerian Dwarf goats for organic dairy. Our passion led us to expand to a larger property and including Angora goats in our herd. To protect our animals from predators, we discovered the Colorado Mountain Dog breed. Bringing home our first dog, Carlos, was transformative. His innate protective abilities and loving nature inspired us to dedicate ourselves to breeding healthy, exceptional Colorado Mountain Dogs. These amazing dogs, along with our beloved goats, add joy and security to our ranch every day.

Goat's Milk Products

We take pride in creating handcrafted goat milk lotions and soaps, made with care from the milk of our beloved Nigerian Dwarf goats. In addition, we shear our Angora goats twice a year, offering raw fiber and beautifully spun mohair yarn. Our products will be available for purchase online again as soon. Please check back or contact us for any special requests.